Thank you for visiting Big Sky Labradors' webpage.  We are very pleased to show you our family and share some of our goals, objectives and some proud moments in our kennel over the past 2 decades.

PattonIn an effort to describe what we are, allow us to make mention, we are a small kennel, where we breed, exhibit and compete with dogs we love.  We love to hike, travel, play, and be a true friend to each one of our dogs.  They are our family and we respect and honor each and every one.

It is said, the most important part of building a house is designing a strong and sound foundation.  We are extremely fortunate to have some exceptional foundation stock.

SizzleCh. Tabatha's Sizzle has provided a fortress of foundation here.  We learned about what a true Labrador Retriever is from "Sizzle".  She has given us "roots & wings".  Roots to grow strong and wings to fly.  You can see her in our stock from "Siggy", "Indy", and "Patton" to the great grand kids, with that spirit to please, the drive to succeed, and the beauty to take your breath away.


Tabatha's Token TalentThe second portion of our Foundation came to us in the form of a wonderful, kind girl named Tabatha's Token Talent.  She defines what gave Labradors so much class and dignity.  Talk about soundness and character... "Tallen" is all that and much more.  She is in a class by herself with incredible old fashioned determination, character and charm.  In her own quiet way, she has elevated our stock and given us so much to grow on.

The future of Big Sky Labs resides in the careful stewardship of the blend of the two girls above.  Our goal is toAudey craft and refine the lines we cherish so very much.  In generations to come, it is our mission to see that the hard work, lessons learned, and the successes are given the meaningful attention required to build a distinctive line of Labrador Retrievers you can be proud to take anywhere, do anything with, and relish in the beauty and love at the other end of the lead.

Please enjoy your visit, if you have questions about our Labradors or the breed in general, please send a note and we will be more than happy to help you.  Thanks again.....

-Steve and Shari Kirschner
Big Sky Labradors

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